Hey guys, welcome to “JUST ME AND MY POT” – where there’s always a fine mouthwatering balance. I’m Home Cook, Betty.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome my dear Jamaicans around the globe as well as everyone else on this beautiful planet of ours.  I know you’ve extremely busy lives; however, you have taken the time to join me to explore my love of Food.

You see, I’ve a great passion for food, good wholesome food. It seems like I’ve been in love with ‘grub’ from inception. I reckon if I were a  twin, there would have been several food fights in my mom’s womb. Thank God, it was only yours truly, so I had more than enough to sup. After all, I was  a 10lb girl. Clearly, I was having a party all by myself.

At an early age, I was always a fascinated with food. My dear mom, Beryl was a pioneer in her kitchen. She was innovative and creative with her dishes. She had to be because she had many palates to satisfy. Dear mom turned out delicious and succulent dishes that lured friends and neighbors to our yard. There was always an extra mouth to feed.  Mom always said, “Make an extra dumpling!”

At an early age in Jamaica, I was drawn to our tiny and humble kitchen. The intoxicating aromas had a way to pull me in. Guys, I shadowed my mom. I was like a sponge. I learned from the best. Now that I reside in Florida, U.S.A., I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by a variety of fresh sea foods, fruits and veggies. Moreover, in Florida, there different cultures and ethnicities. As a result, there is a wide choice of restaurants to dine and to venture home and replicate these dishes.

With cooking, I’m paying homage to my dear mom who was a self-made cook extraordinaire and agriculturist. I’m also paying homage to my grandparents who were organic farmers who took pride in their wholesome foods. You see, the apple has not fallen far from the tree.And over the years, I’ve somewhat developed more of a global palate. Food is in my bloodline and I’ve to go where the blood in my veins flow.

So guys, do join me on this wonderful journey of food on “Just Me and My Pot”. I’ll try my best to entertain and inform. Looking forward to learning and hearing from you all. Thank you for joining me.

Remember, always be kind to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.