My morn has begun with the sounds of nature. After all, it’s the rainy season here in the sunshine state of Florida. Of course, on this precipitous day, there’s no sign of my golden sunshine; and, I live for that. Clearly, I’ve to abandon my morning jog on the outskirts.

Guys, I don’t know about you, but, when it rains, I become super ravenous. Therefore, I know for sure that I’ve to feed the need. As I did a few yoga stretches on the carpet,my brain worked on overdrive. Without a doubt, I know I’ve to make myself something really comforting. Somehow, I knew the Cherrios and blueberries were not ‘going be sufficient for this appetite of mine.

On my counter, there and behold were some speckled ripe bananas. They were calling my name. Funny enough, whenever I see and think about  speckled bananas, they bring me back to my childhood. Dear mom didn’t allow anything to go in the waste. She always found a way to transform them into amazing and delicious dishes.

As I gathered my bananas, I visited my pantry and whoa, there was a canned pumpkin from last Thanksgiving. All of a sudden, my rainy day became a little brighter as I grabbed my leftover cranberry from the freezer. I had a plan! Immediately, I rinsed my cranberries and placed them in a sauce pan with a splash of orange juice and a few teaspoon sugar.

As my cranberries simmered on low heat, I proceeded to put my dry ingredients (whole wheat flour, cinnamon, salt, sugar, etc.) together. I decided to make a combination loaf of pumpkin, ripe bananas loaf. All I needed was a little melted butter. After all the ingredients were folded, I toss in a few raisins and baked in oven at 350 degrees until that dear loaf called my name.

It didn’t take long for my cranberries to be tenderized. I divided the sticky beautiful wonder into two parts. I added icy cold water to one part along with a few pieces of chopped ginger and blended. I then sweetened with sugar.

The other portion of cranberries was further simmered down to a sauce-like consistency. “Excellent spread, I purred.” Ahh, this was very tart and sweet. I used this as a delicious spread for my pumpkin/banana loaf.

It was time to fling my drapes apart by my sliding door facing the water. As I watched the ducks waddled their tails on the water, I knew that they are happy campers. And, so was I. As I cut into  my warm and delicious loaf, I knew for sure that my palate was very satiated. Oh, I love the rain!

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