OMG!! Say it isn’t so. Once again, coffee prices will be going up. The press has announced that Dunkin Donuts and Folgers will be asking for a 9% increase for their product. Other companies will be following suit. They blame it on the infection of coffee beans from overseas.

Now, what are we java drinkers going do?  Clearly, they have us by the ‘beans’. Serious coffee drinkers got to have their bean high. Coffee has these amazing properties that aid in our alertness and clarity on a daily basis.  I can clearly remember my earlier years in the office in Jamaica where I couldn’t  focus without a couple cups of the java in the early morn. And, a couple more in the afternoon. Back in those days, it was the strong Blue Mountain brand with the potent beans coming from the Blue Mountain peaks of the island. I do believe that Starbucks carry the brand in their collection. Over the years, I’ve learned to mix it up with an alternate consumption of tea.

I just did my morning workout on the outskirts. I do believe it’s time. It’s time for that special cup of medium dark goodness.By the way, this morn, it’s Maxwell House. I don’t discriminate…I like to mix up my brands. I’ll drizzle in a few teaspoons of whole milk and sip my way to goodness while I view Kelly and Michael Live. Oh, those two are peas in a pod!

This hike will not stop me and the millions from indulging in that smooth and satisfying goodness. The trouble is the powers that be are conscious of our cravings. Needless to say, life is goooood!.

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