A few days ago, I visited a good friend of mine. When I ventured on the rear of the yard, to my delight I was greeted with a tree laden with these tropical fruits. These mangoes brought back childhood memories that made my heart warm a bit. You see, my dear mom was a great lover of these delights.She could sit and devour several of these sweet, juicy and refreshing fruits.

Of course, being from the tropics mango trees were and are still very popular. As a child, I can remember hopping across my neighbor’s picket fence in order to secure that flavorful and colorful specimen. Oh, I had to watch out for those four-footed friends Imagemany a times.

I’ve a few ideas. These juicy and sweet mangoes will be transformed into a cool and refreshing drink. I’ll incorporate ginger, fresh lemon and orange juice. I’ll definately reserve a portion for a great mango salsa. This salsa will certainly aid in my spicy jerk wings. Yum, yum!

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