The recent California drought affected the rivers and streams in the vicinity. As a result, millions of juvenile salmon were endangered. These silvery smolts were unloaded in long plastic pipes then they made their way by floating in netted pens. Subsequently, after getting acclimated to the precious water they are then released  to the ocean by tides.

I reckon some of us might question this practice, but, moving these little guys by tanker trucks ensure the survival of millions. These will further develop and grow into California King Salmon. And then find their way to our tables…..hurrah!Like everything else in life, nothing is fool-proof. The thing is in three years, the migratory ones won’t be able to find their way back to their home because there is no scent to lead them. And, that’s rather sad. Now, where do they stray to?

Maybe, down the line, they will be able to create that special scent to lead them to their ‘door’. Eh, that’s something for us to ponder don’t you think?Our omega fatty-acids sources are gradually dwindling. I’m a wee bit sad.



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