Sometimes, I can really be a creature of habits. Usually, on a Friday, I would venture out to nice eating establishment and mingle with the maddening crowd. I love the aromatic smells, the background music, the banging of silver wares as wait and kitchen staff busily execute their duties. I also like to people watch. A nice smile to the host can fetch a pretty comfortable and strategic spot. There, my loved ones and I can savor our meals and of course, people watch.

However, today I decided stay in and actually prepare yours truly a home-cooked meal.I miss that for Fridays. I guess I could easily order in from the Chinese around the corner or maybe, good old Papa Johns Pizza. I knew exactly what I was going to prep and

  • Curried chicken
  • Jasmine rice
  • Warm spinach/kale salad
  • Mango salsa

Going back to my roots was fairly easy. Curried chicken is a very popular dish in Jamaican kitchens. Over the years, I had cooked this dish repeatedly. I had a few mangoes on my hand, thus, I decided to make a side dish of mango salsa along with a warm spinach and kale salad. All this was served on a bed of flavorful Jasmine white rice. The colliding of exotic spices and flavors create a savory, tart, and sweet tastes.

Now, I do think it’s time to catch up on an episode of Black Box on ‘On Demand’. ImageI’m happy.

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