I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, once again, the cost of groceries are on the increase. The prices are astronomical. It makes you wonder how higher they will be. Of course, there is always a reason for the price hikes. Now they are blaming it on the present drought in California.

While we are busily enjoying our morning cereal, the poor cows out there in the pastures are finding it rather difficult to find their meals. The ripple effect is that the cows will subsequently produce less milk. And, down the road, the price of a gallon of milk will continue to rise. Oh, for sure, latte lovers will see the difference. And, we will certainly hold back on the milk for our morning cereal.

As the farm lands become arid and barren, the prices of beef and other meat products will also climb up to Mount Everest. I know for PETA and vegetarians will cheer “Hurrah!” But, the fact is that all prices will be affected. Our nutritious and wholesome veggies and fruits that we love will also see increases.

When challenges like these arise, we often times feel helpless. But, we can secure a little control. It makes you wonder, “what can we do?” If you have farmer’s markets in your locale, maybe, it’s a great ideal to purchase supplies there. Operators of these local markets generate less expense towards transportation. Therefore, they will be able to sell at a competitive cost.

In addition, when prices for food supplies go sky high, it is best to purchase perishables that are in season. When there’s is a glut on the market, prices tend to go ‘dirt cheap’ especially at the end of the day. Vendors don’t mind you haggling with them. They work hard and are dying to retreat to their abodes. Purchasing perishables in season is a wise move because the extra could be stored in the freezer and utilize later when they are out of season and prices increase.

Don’t be afraid to play in the dirt. For those who have a plot of land, by all means visit the Horticultural section of Home Depot, Target or Walmart and secure seedlings and suckers. That hot guy who knows his ‘stuff’ will be more than happy to pass on his tip bits on what’s is in season to plant.

And, if you are like me who don’t have a plot of land to plant  seeds, by all means, grab a couple of pots and hit the window sill where the sun rises. Or, make space on your patio with a few pots. Oh, true story. I once reaped a pineapple from my patio. I watched it until it became golden. I was proud of my specimen from my pot. I placed my golden child in the refrigerator. OMG, it was sweet and refreshing!

So guys, there is hope. Don’t let the California drought or any drought get to you. As always, be good to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.

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