It was a Monday. I can vividly recall because I was having the ‘Blues’, A touch of the ‘Monday Blues’ . I believe it afflicted me since I began my working life. It’s a few hours of feeling forlorn until about noon. Come to think of it, it generally begins late Sunday evening. It’s that unexplained feeling that seems to linger and builds up to Monday morning until noon.

I commute to work by train. And on that particular morn as I made my way to an available seat, I could sense the familiar feeling taking ownership of my being. Clearly, I wasn’t alone. I could also feel my fellow passengers were also experiencing the dreaded ‘Monday Blues’. From the looks of it, they weren’t happy campers. I’m quite sure many of them hated their jobs. Well, based on statistics, a huge percentage abhor their jobs. I can only imagine some of them were deep in thoughts on how they were going to approach that unappreciative boss about a raise or promotion. Or, a few might be still going through the old hang-over symptoms from the looks of the dark shades.

Judging from these people’s countenances, you would think they were heading to a place of incarceration. But, I knew better. They were experiencing the ‘Monday Blues’. And, as I did a quick scan of their faces around me, my heart ached for them. I knew I couldn’t aid my fellow passengers. But, I thought, “If I can’t help them, I could help myself.” After all, I’ve been suffering from this malady far too long. I realized I had a choice.

I had an epiphany. Right then and there, among those blues riders, I had a brain storm. Or, should I say, it was more of an awakening. By nature, I’m an optimistic person. So, like a champion, I went to that place in my head. Far too long I’ve been experiencing this malady. I thought it was time for a change, a change from those Monday Blues.

As I rummaged through my I-phone, I allowed my fingers to do the talking. And so it did. It led me to an app, a free one.  All was needed was for me to install. So, right at that moment, I installed the Cooking Channel. Immediately, my outlook was transformed.

A clip called ‘Extra Virgin’ caught my eyes. I was intrigued, so I continued. Extra Virgin was started by an American actress call Debi Mazir who visited Italy and subsequently met her present Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos who happens to be a chef.

Already, I was hooked. I always wanted to visit Italy and explore the vineyards and indulge in the amazing pasta dishes infused with good old olive oil. Anyway, as I continued to view Extra Virgin, it became clear as a bell in my mind. At that moment, I knew exactly what my supper was going be.

It was simple. Already, I had all the ingredients in my pantry and refrigerator. I was going to prepare a linguine pasta dish with roasted tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers. And, instead of prosciutto, I would utilize the bacon I had on hand.  To this beautiful dish I would garnish with parsley. The Pinot Grigio was chilled.

Slowly my Monday Blues were been obliterated. I smiled. As I disembarked from my train, my outlook was drastically transformed from dim and dreary to brilliant sunshine. I realized that I had the power within. At some point, I know that I will be revisited by the Monday Blues; but, I have back-up. I’m conscious. I know where to go.

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