Once in a while my palate calls for something a wee bit salty. And it so happened that my dear sister and her kid were spending a few days with me. Thankfully, they were on the same page as yours truly. So, on a sizzling summer late morn we all surrendered to the craving.

I had on hand a package of fillet codfish and subsequently went to work. My dear nephew also liked the codfish but also requested eggs. As a result, the boiled eggs were born. I rinsed the fish a few times under tap water so as to remove the excess sodium. Then, I proceeded to boil (twice) codfish for a few minutes, I further rinsed it under cold tap water then flaked and set aside.

In a skillet, I warmed a few drops of canola oil under low to medium heat. I chopped onions, bell peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, plummy tomatoes, green onion and sauteed them until they were softened. Flaked codfish was then added along with cracked black pepper and dried seasoning. Hard boiled eggs and nature’s butter (avocado) finished this mouth-watering dish. In addition, I served this with fried plantains, boiled bananas and codfish fritters. Oh, it was amazing and palate pleasing.

Guys, this dish was a winner with all and sundry. May I say it was a hit with my loved ones? Yippee, it was!

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