Say it isn’t so! It seems like our fave spud has taken a nose-dive in the sales department. Yes, sadly the number is dwindling. Because of the Atkins and other diets that call for a carb free diet, fewer individuals are actually indulging in the good old potato.

Surprisingly, although sale prices have plummeted, potato chips are still the number one snack food. The thing is, most people prefer to enjoy their potatoes by having others cooking them. I must  confess that once per week I like to grab a very hot helping of the fries from Micky D’s. And, my fries have to be super hot coming from the fryer, otherwise, I can’t partake.

You know something, I couldn’t tell when last i baked myself a really flaky yet smooth potato. The way I like it is to take my fingers and pare the spud open. I love the behold the steam emitting from it as I sprinkle a pinch of salt and watch the dollop of sour cream find each nook and cranny of the hot potato. Hmm, that was hot, really hot. I can feel my mouth salivate just thinking about it.

As I ponder about it, I realize something is missing. I’ve got to go back to basics.The potato farmers are depending on me. Now, when did I stop baking and even smashing good old potatoes? Hmm, I’m afraid that I’ve to alternate my sweet potatoes with dear Irish. I do think both can share the spotlight.

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