They are at it again! Once more, certain food scientists have been experimenting with our foods. According to them, they are trying to improve popular foods and ingredients. Some of the foods and ingredients they are actively working on are:

Meatless meat

Now, I’m pondering; who could have come up with the idea of meatless meat? It can’t be a meat lover. Okay, so I get it, maybe former meat lovers turned vegans missed the great taste and feel of a meat and decided to create a meatless meat. Seriously, the way they’ve done this is to combine plant-based ingredients like amaranth, carrot fiber, soy and pea proteins.

This innovative way of creating a meatless meat has  the aroma, taste, and texture of beef into consideration. The so-called meatless meat contains high protein but there is no cholesterol. I understand that the final product is lacking the real meat texture but the taste has gotten thumbs up by some.

Salt minus the salt

This particular salt is made with a combination of sea salt, potassium and rice flour. A teaspoon contains 544 mil. grams compared to regular table sodium which has 2,325. Now, that’s a huge difference. I guess I could work with that. God knows I could drastically reduce my sodium intake.

Peanut butter

Yes, I said it, even the good old peanut butter has been attacked or should I state improved. The innovators have created a slimmed down version. They have done so by slow roasting the peanuts. The oil is pressed out and then a small amount of salt and sugar is added.

The final result is a powdered form of peanut butter which is a reduction in calories. Water is then added to make it into a spreadable form. Or it can be incorporated into smoothies.

I commend these guys with their innovative and creative ideas. However, frankly, I would rather like to continue enjoying my meat in its authentic form. You see, once in a while, I love to indulge in a succulent serving of rib-eye or sirloin steak. I want my steak to be rubbed down and marinaded with sea salt, not saltless salt. I want to inhale the amazing flavors and watch the smooth butter or blue cheese melt with real beef.

I relish the experience of partaking in roasted carrots or a garlic flavored peas/carrot side dish. As a matter of fact, I see them as great accompaniments to my steak dish.

As for my dear peanut butter, come on, it’s ludacris to mess with this creamy sometimes chunky goodness. Are you kidding me? I’ve to mix a powder so as to obtain peanut butter. They probably should package for those who go in space. Well, to each his own. I need my jar.

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