I love eggs. I could partake of them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I enjoy them fried, poached, scrambled, or in an omelet form. The wonderful thing about eggs is that they keep me satiated for a long time. Moreover, they are packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidant like lutein and many other nutritious values.

So, today I was at a crossroad with what to prepare for a brunch. I was leaning towards scrambled eggs or a typical omelet. But then, on close inspection of my refrigerator I realized that I had all the ingredients to make me a frittata. I think I must have read it somewhere or viewed it on a cooking show. The trouble is I have never made that dish before. I thought, “How difficult could this be?”

I was a wee bit anxious and excited. You see, anything with cheese and eggs sound quite exciting to me. Frittata is really an Italian omelet. I decided to take the beautiful plunge.

Ingredients for my first Frittata
Ingredients for my first Frittata


*Eggs (4)

*Cheese (1/2cup)


*Assorted cooked veggies(1cup)

*Crispy beef bacon (bits)


*Bread crumbs (sprinkle)

*Salt/pepper (to taste)

Frittata has begun cooking process (bottoms first)
Frittata has begun cooking process (bottoms first)


1. Veggies were blanched.Blanching means cooking quickly and shocking in a cold bath to stop cooking process.

2. Onions and zucchini were cut in relatively small pieces and sauteed in a couple drops of olive oil in heated skillet. These were seasoned along with salt and pepper to taste.

3. Blanched veggies were dried with paper towel and added to skillet to absorb flavors.

4. In a bowl, eggs and milk were combined along with a pinch of salt and cracked black pepper and finely chopped parsley. All ingredients were whisked and then veggies were added. Grated parmesan cheese was also added.

5. In a heated skillet over low to medium heat a couple teaspoons of olive oil was added and covered the entire pan.

6. The entire mixture was then added to skillet in order to cook bottom.

7. After approximately five minutes skillet was removed and placed in a heated oven under broiler for another three minutes for top to set/cook.

8. Breadcrumbs/cheese were combined and then sprinkled on top of frittata for a crispy finish. This step is optional.

9. Garnish with parsley or any herb on hand.

Finished dish after top is cooked in oven...yum, yum
Finished dish after top is cooked in oven…yum, yum
A wedge of my first Frittata along with bacon/asparagus and fresh OJ
A wedge of my first Frittata along with bacon/asparagus and fresh OJ

I was so proud of yours truly. I served my first frittata with crispy beef bacon on the side and a few spears of asparagus. Of course, it would not be brunch without a refreshing drink. With a fresh squeeze of orange juice I splashed some left-over pinot grigio for a perfect drink. Salud! To Italy!

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