Guys, I don’t know about you, but, I could use a few extra hours within my day. I use up hours commuting  back and forth work. That alone is work in itself. Before I know, there is virtually little time left over to attend to my fave past-time (cooking). Yes, for me, I call cooking a past-time. However, what I realize if I’m not careful,due to my very long hours commuting and working, it can become a chore.

Naturally, work is very important. That’s what brings home the ‘bacon’, literally and otherwise. As a result, I have to constantly figure out how to make my time worthwhile in the kitchen and simultaneously enjoy. I’m a bit weird. The thing is that sometimes although I’m exhausted, just the actual preparation and cooking of a meal can get me to a place of sheer joy where it unwinds me.

But, I have to be real; therefore, I try to incorporate ways to work more efficiently in my kitchenette. Some of the steps I’ve taken are:

1.  Before shopping, I try to plan the menu for at least four days of the week. A check is made of  supplies in pantry, refrigerator and freezer to determine a physical stock count. I don’t wish to be without an essential ingredient or food item while I’m involved in the cooking process.

2. Prepping of vegetables, meats, poultry save me precious time. When I bring home the supplies, I try to invest a few minutes to wash and chop veggies like celery, carrots, onions,etc.  Then, I place them in ziplock bags for when I need them later.

As for meats, If I purchase in bulk form, I try to allot some time to cut them down to smaller serving sizes. This move prevents me from defrosting an entire huge package which takes time and can sometimes lead to deterioration of meat/poultry/fish.

In regards to poultry (chicken), I trim extra fat and discard. I also chop and cut chicken in serving sizes. In addition, I often do a base-line seasoning with salt, pepper and garlic. Later on during the week, I’ll add the respective spices and other seasoning of choice.

3. Proximity of gadgets are vital to smooth and quick meals. It is best to place the chop board as close as possible to the stove so I can cut and drop in my skillet and pot. Moreover, the pots and pans that I use on a regular basis, I keep them in the oven or nearby as well.

Spices are very important in my meals. As such, I store them in a cool but close proximity to cooking area so that I can retrieve when needed.

Guys, for me, time equals $$$’s; therefore, it is imperative that I try to respect these hours. Lack of organization and preparation in the kitchen can lead to disruption in other areas of my life. It might seem a wee bit rigid; however, practicing certain habits can reap more joy and spontaneity in other areas of my life. And boy, don’t we all need more of that.


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