Earlier on I checked out a fellow blogger, “Taste of Colors”. Just loved what they had to offer. You should check them out too as well. Anyway, one of the dishes that caught my eye was the carrot pancakes. Immediately, my ears went up. Already, I had the carrots; so, I went to work. For heaven’s sake, I had to eat lunch….perfect dish! Based on the other ingredients I had, I put my spin and tweaked it a bit. Loved the end result.


  • Carrots (3)
  • Ginger grated (1tsp)
  • Honey (1tbsp)
  • Cinnamon (1/4tsp)
  • Flour (2 tbsp) [wholewheat/all-purpose)
  • Oil (canola/olive)
  • Salt (pinch)
  • Egg (1 Large)
  • Sour cream (1tsp) for binding


1. Shred carrots on box grater along with ginger.

2. Sprinkle with flour, cinnamon, and salt.

3. In a bowl, I combine egg, sour cream, and honey (any other sweetener would be perfect.)

4. Combine all the ingredients and fold.

5. In a hot skillet, drizzle a little oil to cover the bottom of pan.

6. Form batter into preferred sizes. Then drop cakes in pan over low to medium heat and allow to fry for approximately four minutes per side. Aim for a crispy exterior.

7. Drain carrot cakes on paper towel.

8. Serve with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt.

Guys, I had a treat. The ginger was just the right balance and provided a beautiful bold, but not overpowering flavor. I was happy and so was my stomach.




  1. Beverley

    I love this simple, crispy, carrot with ginger pancake. I know the ginger gives it a little heat at the back of your throat but the sour cream balances out the taste. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make this.

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