The great thing about autumn is that it has these awesome and wholesome vegetables. A couple of days ago, I picked up these goodies. Their brilliant green hues screamed out to me. Moreover, their prices were quite competitive compared to a few months ago. After all, it’s their season to be plentiful, so I nabbed.


I did a quick blanch. I cooked them in salted water for a few minutes. Then I shocked them in an icy bathe in order to stop the cooking process. Blanching helps to keep them super green. I dried them and gave a quick satay in a drizzle of olive oil with crushed garlic. I then topped them with a little slivered almonds I had on hand along with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

The result was a crispy and refreshing finish. I know what I’ll do. I need to stock up on these greens while the prices are not through the roof. Perhaps, you should too.

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