A few more pics to my Frittata dish


I love eggs. I could partake of them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I enjoy them fried, poached, scrambled, or in an omelet form. The wonderful thing about eggs is that they keep me satiated for a long time. Moreover, they are packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidant like lutein and many other nutritious values.

So, today I was at a crossroad with what to prepare for a brunch. I was leaning towards scrambled eggs or a typical omelet. But then, on close inspection of my refrigerator I realized that I had all the ingredients to make me a frittata. I think I must have read it somewhere or viewed it on a cooking show. The trouble is I have never made that dish before. I thought, “How difficult could this be?”

I was a wee bit anxious and excited. You see, anything with cheese and eggs sound quite exciting…

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