Without a doubt, the cost of groceries are astronomically high. As a result, when I prepare and cook a dish, I try to find ways and means on how to utilize same more than one time. So, a few days a ago, I purchased a relatively lean piece of pork-butt with a tiny center bone (about 1.68 lb). Mark you, it couldn’t feed an army, but, I knew I could ‘rock’ it a few times.

I brought home my lean pork butt and stuffed it with a generous amount of roasted garlic along with thyme, onion, scallion, scotch bonnet pepper, allspice (pimento), a pinch of five-spice seasoning and of course, salt, pepper, etc.  I then chopped up a gala apple I had on hand and placed it around my butt. I roasted it at a 375 degree oven for approximately 45 minutes. Then, I turned it up to 420 degrees for another ten minutes so as to achieve a brown exterior.

After roasting, apple pieces and remnants from roasting dish were removed and placed in blender for a quick puree along with a little water to liquify. These were then added to a stock pot so as to simmer to a sauce-like consistency.

Slices of roasted pork-butt were served with seasoned yellow rice along with an assortment of green vegetables. I reserved a couple more servings for later dates.

So, on this day, Sunday, I’ve decided  to make a stir-fry with one of the serving. I sliced pork slices in sizeable strips. With a drizzle of soy and teriyaki sauce I was able to obtain a brand new dish. In addition, assorted vegetables and whole grain linguine pasta were added to complete the meal.

Left-over Roasted Pork-Butt transformed into a delicious stir-fry
Left-over Roasted Pork-Butt transformed into a delicious stir-fry(Sunday’s supper)

Guys, my pork-butt was a winner. The flavors provided bold and exotic taste to the dish. With the sweetness from the apple sauce and the savory from the pork-butt, everything came together superbly.

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