When it comes to kitchen gadgets  and  equipment, I try to stock the necessities. Over the years, I’ve come to depend on these vital ‘partners’ as I call them. They have aided me to turn out tasty and delicious dishes to serve all and sundry in my circle. Moreover, because I’m often trying to stretch the dollar, I sometimes figure out ways to have them work double or triple duty for me. Some of my fave gadgets are:-


Standing Blender
Standing Blender

My handy and faithful standing blender is a god-send. It’s an Oster make. I  bought it a couple of years ago from Walmart.  It’s really has been my ‘go-to’ gadget in the kitchen when I wish to do a quick puree of soups, an amazing smoothie, or even the milking of a coconut. On a few occasions, it has helped me combined the ingredients in crepes which turned out spectacular.

Watermelon non-alcoholic martini
Watermelon non-alcoholic martini made in blender
Puree pumpkin/carrot soup done in my blender
Pumpkin/carrot soup pureed in blender

Clean up after using is a breeze. With a little warm soapy water and a handy brush, all is done. I really would be lost without my dear standing blender.

Muffin pan

Muffin pan - another one of my fave kitchen gadget
Muffin pan – another one of my fave kitchen gadgets

From the looks of my muffin tin you can observe that it has been used repeatedly. It has created some awesome corn, blue/strawberry muffins and more. I’ve also used this  baking wonder for mini versions of fruit cakes. In addition, when I want a savory treat without the crust, I make me a few mini quiches. Oh, these egg/cheese delights are just the right treat.

Just the right bite for a fruit/rum cake
Just the right bite for a fruit/rum cake
Crustless cupcake quiches
Crustless cupcake quiches

Instead of a slice, no one can resist a smooth and succulent bite of cupcake macaroni/cheese.

For a great mac/cheese bite....my muffin tin is alright
For a great mac/cheese bite….my muffin tin is alright

Food processor

Recycled Food processor
Recycled Food Processor

I’ve always wanted a food processor but didn’t want to pay big bucks for same.  So, I was quite delighted when I located just the right one on Overstock.com. It is a recycled number and has been working perfectly since.

Slaw chopped in food processor
Hot Slaw chopped in food processor

It has aided to cut and chop tons of onions and other vegetables. Needless to say lots of tears have been abated because I didn’t have to cut/chop those tear jerkers. I love a very creamy mashed potato or cauliflower, and my handy food processor has a way to create absolutely the best. I love the way it produces divine and smooth home-made hummus. All I need to do is put in all the ingredients and let it does its thing.

Home-made Hummus Dip made in food processor
Home-made Hummus Dip made in food processor
Cauliflower & Potato Soup pureed in food processor
Cauliflower & Potato Soup pureed in food processor

These are just some of my favorite things (gadgets) in the kitchen. I reckon part of the reason they fall under that umbrella is because of their multi-purpose abilities. They allow me to work more efficiently in the kitchen.  I’m happy!

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