There is no denying. This time of the year when the temperatures plummet considerably, our palates call for something rather comforting. Guys, it happened to yours truly and I had to heed to the calling. Okay, I promised myself that I wouldn’t indulge in meat until Christmas. But who I’m I kidding?

On my recent visit to the store, I saw that special package of pork adjacent to the pork chops. So, I decided to break my promise. Eh, some would call me a flip flopper….I guess I am. Sometimes, one has to eat their words. Well, I ate more than my words. I had a succulent serving of braised pork infused in root ginger and a few cloves of garlic.

I still had a few potatoes (Irish) from a few weeks ago. Those spuds were just at the brink of sprouting. I caught them just in time. I added them to sweet potatoes along with a clove of garlic. They were boiled in salted water until they were fork tender. Then, I smashed and added a little sour cream along with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I served my braised pork with a serving of sauteed kale. The final dish was just as I had imaged. I was over the moon.

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