It’s deja vu. Once again, the yuletide season is upon us. It has  made its presence known with blustery winds toppling a few frail trees and flower pots. And for some  of us who are too busy to store away last year’s decorations, lights and trimmings, not to worry. The Christmas season is already here. Just get them in gear.

It’s the time to make those amazing cookies. Yes, the ones that are extra chewy with the input of pecan strewn all over them. Oh, as for those fruit cakes, the thought of eating them sends my palate on sweet overdrive. Ahhh, please remember, don’t hold back on the spirits. Got to have the smooth taste of rum along with red wine. A slash of brandy will do fine.

Turn up the stereo and put on the noels. A little ‘Jingle Bell’ always gets everyone jolly. The ’12 Days of Christmas is a must, and all those new and traditional refrains will get one in the mood just right. ‘Oh Holy Night’ will never get old. No one can forget ‘Away in a Manager’. the list goes on and on.

Ready or not, Christmas season has arrived. Time to fetch that perfect ham, the one with the spiral cuts and orange and sugar glaze. Ready or not, Christmas season has arrived once more. It’s time to shop for that special gift for those who mean a lot and for those who are unfortunate.

And while you gather with your family and friends throughout the season, do remember the main reason for this celebration. It’s all about the Christ child, Jesus.

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