Woke up and felt a wee bit out of it. It’s so amazing how one can rein-in balance just by doing a few simple things. And, that’s what I did. Despite the doldrums within, I fetched my workout pants and old sweaty shoes. I must remember to get me a new pair. Anyway, I ventured on the outskirts and burst a few beads of sweat. As usual, fifteen or so minutes within  I already felt a great shift as I stretched my legs.

I then returned to base (abode) and watched those precious ducks do their paddles in the water at the rear of my dwelling. After a few stretches and moves I went to my kitchenette and whipped up this amazing sardine omelet. With the sprinkle of a little salt and black pepper, and a squeeze of lemon my sardines were ready to be immersed the beautiful and silky egg wash in my hot skillet.

In a few minutes after layering my heart healthy fish from the tin, I carefully did my flip and fold of a tasty omelet. I served my sardine omelet with pan-roasted apple slices sprinkled with a pinch of sugar and cinnamon along with a pat of butter and a drizzle of water. I still have a few of those raspberries so I topped my apples with them.

Guys, the combination was quite divine and needless to say very satiating. With a hot cup of java, I’m now on top of the world. I’m over the moon and feel like I can conquer absolutely anything. It’s so funny how one can make a shift with simple steps.

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