There I go again with the feathery one. I do think I consume chicken at least 3 to 5 times for the week. I’ll have it curried, barbecued, jerked (with Jamaican-spices), Asian style and various other styles. Clearly, it’s my go protein in a big way. And, although grocery prices are exorbitant, still chicken remains relatively reasonable compared to other protein foods.

Because I wish to obtain my money’s worth, most times, I tend to purchase the dark portions of the bird. In addition, I try to ‘kick’ off a few cents by selecting the pieces with the skin on. To me, every cent adds up. When I bring home my chicken parts, I allot a few minutes to remove the skin and then store.

Now a days, it seems like Sunday afternoon has become a major cooking day for yours truly. So, already I had my chicken parts seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic from overnight. My plan was to roast these chicken parts which I did in a heated oven at 385 degrees for 45 minutes with a squeeze of lemon along with slices of lemon.

In bowl, I combined both citrus fruits along with a teaspoon of cornstarch for thickening. I also added a pinch of salt/pepper along with a sprinkle of sugar. All ingredients were combined and then reduced on low heat. Chicken parts were then basted with a lemon and orange sauce placed back in the oven for another five minutes for a brown exterior at an increased temperature of 410 degrees.

I served my citrus chicken on a bed of roasted assorted vegetables.



  1. Beverley

    Your Citrus Chicken look delicious. I love the presentation. Also the ingredience were just enough, but emit bold flavor and, could be a dish for the Summer as well.
    Two thumbs up!!!!!!!

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