Guys, it’s a brand new day and year within our midst. Many of us have plans and resolutions for this year. Of course, one of the popular ones is keeping fit and healthy. I’ve tried to incorporate same in my life-style the past year. It is difficult; however, I try to do it one day at time without depriving myself of any food group. I do believe in a fine balance.

Therefore, for 2015, I intend to continue on that path. There is always room for improvement; like including more fruits and veggies in the diet. So, on this day, the first of January, 2015, I’ve made yours truly some wholesome waffles. I used less of processed flour and incorporated sweet potato and apple and a little whole wheat flour.

Main ingredients for sweet potato/apple waffles
Main ingredients for sweet potato/apple waffles

So, with a little marrying of the dry (flour, sugar, baking soda,pinch of salt,cinnamon), and wet ingredients, I ended up with the following batter. By the way, I made sure to do a quick four-minute bake of my sweet potato in the microwave. I also shredded my apple and 1/4 tsp. ginger on a box grater. After crushing and cooling potato with a fork, I added both apples/ginger,potato to wet ingredients (milk, sour cream, vanilla,melted butter).

Batter ready for waffle iron
Batter ready for waffle iron

I made sure to spray my waffle iron with a little Pam so as to prevent sticking. My batter yielded six waffles. (I couldn’t resist taste-testing one). Anyway, guys, I served my sweet potato waffles with a few bites of left-over ham along with fresh grapes, strawberries, orange slices.

Completed sweet potato/apple waffles/ham along with fresh fruits
Completed sweet potato/apple waffles with garnish of fresh mint/bites of ham along with fresh fruits

Guys, that’s  what for brunch. As always, be kind to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.


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