If it was good to drink, it’s also good to cook with. The holidays may have left you with a few bottles of left-over Merlot, pinot grigio, Chardonnay, etc. It’s understandable; maybe, you had a few too many and left the remainder on the counter overnight. That happens. Of course, this action can leave your wines rather life-less (flat).

There is no need to toss. After all, you paid big ‘bucks’ for your spirits. You can bring back life to your wines by using them into stews, soups, casseroles, and mixed drinks. In the past, that happened to me on a few occasions. I learned my lesson. Now, I pour the left-over wine in an ice-cube tray.  When frozen, I empty the cubes in a ziplock baggie for future use.

Left-over cabernet sauvignon wine ready for freezer
Left-over Cabernet Sauvignon wine ready for freezer

I recently preserved some left-over Cabernet. I’ll be making a delicious Italian dish (chicken cacciatore) which calls for a little wine. I’ll be ‘rocking’ a few cubes of my red wine. I know for sure that my dish will be loaded with bold and amazing flavors that will transport my palate to another dimension.

Guys, the price of spirits and food items are exorbitant. It might seem small; however, every cent adds up. So, double-back on your left-over wines. Cheers!!

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