I knew all along. I do think it began in my late teens or early twenties. As a young adult working in the office, (eh, that’s a few moons ago). You see, back then, especially on a Monday morning,my day couldn’t start effectively without a cup of good java. I had the best, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee beans. A couple of cups eradicated the ‘fogs’ of the week-end.

It is funny how a bit of news can bring back memories. In the world of sports, tennis great, Serena Williams was not playing up to her best self. She was losing to Italy’s Flavia Pennetta in the first set. She got a brain storm and asked the empire if it was legal to order an espresso.

Ms. Williams got her wish. And, the rest is history in Perth, Australia. She crushed her Italian opponent, Pennetta – 6-3, 6-0. Now, do you think future players will be requesting coffee? I would!

We could all say it’s in Serena’s head, thinking a cup of java did the job. However, I say sometimes, one needs a little ‘jolt’ to get the brain in a particular mode, a winning mode. With skills and a cup of java, possibilities are endless. I’m no scientist, but, those learned subjects will state that there are properties in the coffee beans that are excellent for brain health.

Guys, for those of us who drink this beverage, I do think it’s time that we take a ‘chug’. Well, at least, sip on. Have a caffeinated moment! Oh, try not to consume a few hours before bedtime. Cheers!

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