This speckled (well, more than speckled) ripe banana might look disgusting some.

Over-ripened banana/apple for batter for pancakes
Example of over-ripened banana/apple used in pancake batter

But for me, this is just a part of my morn breakfast. This speckled banana was crushed and  paired with a shredded apple. By the way, they are loaded with great fibers, potassium, minerals and other nutrients. These two were subsequently added to a batter made up of:

  • Egg (1)
  • Cinnamon (1/4tsp)
  • Dark sugar (1tbsp)
  • Wholewheat flour (1/2 c)
  • All purpose flour (1tbsp)
  • Baking soda (1/4tsp)
  • Melted butter (pat)
  • Sour cream (1tsp)
  • Salt (pinch)

I didn’t add any milk (well, I need to replenish). My batter was on the lumpy/thick side which was fine with me. It made excellent pancakes that were super-moist and contained just the right amount of sweetness.

As per my pic, I topped my banana/apple pancakes with fresh strawberries/blackberries. With small drizzle of lite pancake syrup, my work was done.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Me, too! I hate tossing food, it makes me feel almost sick to do so!

  2. bblake10 says:

    I’m so glad you understand. Cheers!

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