Green eggs and ham with pesto sauce


When it comes to the culinary side of things, I garner inspiration from anywhere I can. A few days ago en route from work on the rail I was pleasantly brought back to my babysitting days by a mother and her young daughter. They sat adjacent me and you could tell the poor mother was tired. However, for about two minutes the little girl kept asking her mom, “Will you read Green Eggs and Ham tonight mom?”

Pic of Dr. Seuss’s book Green Eggs and Ham

I smiled. I can just imagine the number of times that woman had read ‘Green Eggs and Ham.’ It’s a favorite of children and was first published in 1960. The main character in the book is ‘Sam-I-Am’ written by Dr. Seuss. I read that book numbers of times to young kids I baby sat in the past. I’m a kid at heart. Loved it.

Anyway, back to the rail, the mother replied to her daughter, “Sure dear. It’ll be Green Eggs and Ham”. Immediately, I got an brain-storm of the culinary type. I decided to make yours truly green eggs and ham.

I decided to make a pesto sauce from the curly parsley I had. I scrambled a couple of egg whites along with a whole one. Then, under low heat I slowly added my pesto sauce to give the eggs the green hue. It looked so magical. Dr. Seuss would be proud.

Fresh parsley

I made a visit to the rear of the freezer. There I retrieved a serving of left-over ham (still rocking that from Xmas). A quick defrost was done. Then I diced same and added to green eggs. I served my green eggs and ham with a buttered rye toast and left-over lentil (green) soup. I also added a small helping of pesto sauce.

As I ate my inspired meal, I smiled thinking that ‘Sam-I-Am’ would be very elated that I chose to eat green eggs and ham. I’ll certainly revisit this dish in the future. Hurrah for Dr. Seuss!

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