One way to wake up a mundane dish is to go green. And, that’s what I did. I had a little left-over thinly chopped chicken tenderloin from a few days ago. On the onset,  I attempted to forego and do a new dish.  But, on second thoughts I decided to transform this humble left-over into something quite delicious and interesting.

I grabbed my food processor and decided to make yours truly a quick pesto sauce. Instead of basil which I didn’t have, I reached for my beautiful bouquet of parsley and pulled off a generous portion.

Fresh parsley
Fresh parsley

I placed same in my processor along with a couple of cloves of roasted garlic (did a quick steam/roast in the microwave), a few slivered almonds, salt, cracked black pepper and olive oil. I pulsed and married all the ingredients. It tasted so great I even added it a few spoons to some scrabbled eggs.

Sample of parsley/almond pesto sauce along with scrabbled eggs
Sample of parsley/almond pesto sauce along with scrabbled eggs

My mission was to make me dinner so I cooked me some whole wheat angel hair pasta. In the oven I did a quick roast of zucchini and tomatoes. In a skillet, I sautéed roughly chopped onions and a few pieces of bell peppers in a combination of coconut/olive oil. I made sure to season along with salt and pepper and a dash of dried basil.

I then drained my angel hair pasta making sure to reserve a little of the liquid in case I needed to build or liquefy my sauce. It was time; I added my delicious parsley/almond pesto to the pasta and carefully folded all the ingredients. I retrieved my left-over chicken and cut the pieces in thinner strips and tossed them in. As for the roasted veggies, they too became part of the mouth-watering dish.

Guys, that’s what beautiful things are made of. I garnished with a little chopped parsley and dived right in the amazing dish. Thanks to a bouquet of parsley.

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