Had a few Irish potatoes. They were the lonely left-overs from the past holidays. I’m surprised they’ve lasted all this time. But, at some point, I noticed them sprouting as if to say “Hello, I see you’ve forgotten us over here!” I know; I know, I’ve been bad, ignoring them thinking they would add inches for the new year.

But, I realized at some point, I’ve to face reality. Enough of this nonsense! I somehow forgot about my motto, “a fine balance”.  So, I fetched my potatoes and peeled them and cut them in circles (about an inch thick). I stuck them in the microwave for approximately three minutes to give a jump-start with the cooking process.

On a sheet pan, I sprayed Pam. I then drizzle a little oil on my potatoes pieces, pinch of salt, pepper, dried oregano, and thyme. I rubbed potatoes down and spread all the goodness. In a 380 pre heated oven I placed the tray.

Sliced potatoes ready for oven
Sliced potatoes ready for oven

I roasted my potatoes for approximately 40 minutes (turning once). Then, I gave them an additional 2 minutes under the broiler with finely chopped parsley and some parmesan cheese.

I served my oven-roasted cheesy/herbal spuds with a fried egg along with little pieces of microwave steamed broccoli. I garnished with a little left-over parsley.  The whole dish was super divine. Thank God I didn’t allow my spuds to take an entire nosedive.


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