Left-over Jamaican rum marinara sauce/spaghetti along with eggs,cheese,asparagus

Guys, someone started the day just right. Yes, yours truly went for morning light jog (ok, it was more a speed walk pace). The weather was superb; temperatures in the early 70’s. Not only did I work up a sweat but I worked up an appetite. I had left-overs in the refrigerator; a frittata hopped in my mind. I couldn’t wait to get back to base.

So, what did I do? Yours truly grabbed hold of last night’s left over Jamaican rum marinara sauce(1/2 cup)  along with spaghetti(1/4 cup) Some of the other ingredients added were:



  1. Pre-cook asparagus spears in microwave for two minutes and cut in one inch pieces
  2. Whisk eggs and add a splash of milk if preferred.
  3. Add all the ingredients (marinara,cheese(reserve a little for top),
  4. In a skillet, add a drizzle of olive oil and a pat of butter.
  5. Add frittata mixture and allow bottom to set under low heat. Keep an egg on the edges.
  6. Finish cooking the top under broiler for about four minutes. Or flip onto a plate and then slid back into skillet for completion on stove top.
    Frittata cooking stove top

    Make sure to wrap the handle of your skillet with foil if finishing top under broiler.

    Cooked frittata with garnish of parsley/bacon strips with a serving of fresh fruits and coffee

Guys, I couldn’t help myself. What’s life without a few pieces of crispy bacon? So, I indulged on a tad (well, a little bigger than a tad). I served my dish with fresh fruits and a cup of java. Now guys, I’m on top of the world!!




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