Dear George and I have been detached for quite sometime. Due to the uprooting in my life, he (perhaps, I should say ‘it’), somehow got shuffled amid the pots and pans in my cupboard. That is to tell you how much I grill and needed another piece of gadget.

You see, the real George Foreman has a convincing way of letting the mass know how much a gadget is needed. That trusting face and salesman talk will get one purchasing absolutely anything. By the way, doesn’t the guy age? Love that smile of his and baby face. Many of us should take a big cue from him. He’s certainly knows how to reinvent himself.

Anyway, just the other day, while I was rummaging through and rearranging my pots and pans, there under a huge stock pot was my George Foreman grill. I yanked it out and smiled. Somehow, it brought back memories of when I couldn’t put it down. I used to grill everything in sight.

And so, I dusted and cleaned the ‘old guy’ off and made me a grilled salmon dish. True to form, it worked quite excellently with all the marks. And so, on this day, I have decided to revisit dear George. After all, it’s a new year, and I’m trying to be healthy as much as I can.

Thus, I decided to grill yours truly a few pieces of tilapia fillets.

Seasoned Tilapia fillets on George Foreman Grill
Seasoned Tilapia fillets on George Foreman Grill

Fillets were seasoned with salt, pepper to taste along with a clove of crushed garlic. I made sure to remove garlic before I placed on oiled grill. Also a drizzle of olive oil was added to both sides of fish. It took approximately six minutes to grill same along with the sliced lemon on top.

I served my grilled tilapia fish with a lemon/white wine buttery sauce with bits of red bell peppers as toppings. In addition, servings of seasoned yellow rice and garlic kale completed the dish.

Something tells me that I will be utilizing ‘Georgie’ a lot. I’m happy.

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