I would love to tell you that I had some creamy scrambled eggs along with whole grain toast and some mixed fruits. Or, some low sugar Cheerios topped with fresh berries and low-fat milk. Then again, I could have consumed some cracked oats simmered in coconut milk. Isn’t that the present craze?

But no; yours truly didn’t go there. This morn, I arose and hit the walking trails. I came back and poured yours truly a glass of cucumber and ginger juice that I concocted the previous night.  At least, I’ve been a good girl. I ought to give yours truly a pat on my back.


But guys, I’ve to tell you I was in no mood (well, my palate) to go the typical breakfast food route. Who says I’ve to go there? I’m in charge. So, what did I do? Yours truly headed to the freezer. And, I discovered a dainty dish of a complete meal. In that container was curried chicken parts along with steamed kale and Jasmine rice.

Without a doubt, my palate has gone rogue on me and pulled me into this culinary twist. I certainly didn’t fight. That would have taken too much time. Instead like so many times, I went with the flow after assessing the foods on hand.

After all, Jasmine rice is packed with tons of folate and other great nutrients. And when it comes to the curried chicken parts, they were skinless and consist of much-needed protein. As for the kale, it has a great source of vitamin B6, potassium, fiber, and numerous other health properties. Well, so say the nutritionists and other food scientists.

So guys, sometimes one has to eat backwards. As the day goes on, clearly, my plate will end up with smaller portions. Who knows? Maybe, I’ll have breakfast for supper. And to me, that sounds like a fantastic plan. I’m happy and so is my roguing palate.


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