There is something to be said about the cruciferous purple(some might call it red) cabbage. It perches in close proximity the savoy and other green types. Not many will opt to take it home; yet, it stands out as if to say “pick me!”.

But, many ponder what to do with same. If only they knew that purple or red consists of even more nutrients than their green version. Well, that’s what food scientists state. A cup of cooked red cabbage has great amounts of vitamin K, B6, etc., fibers and other beneficial nutrients that aid the in the prevention of certain cancers.

So, other than loving the beautiful brilliant hue, I often like to cook with same because it tastes amazing and yield a contrasting color to my dish. I especially like to include it with salads because it gives an extra crunch.

Anyway, I had a fairly small one and decided to do a quick steam more of a saute. It took me virtually a few minutes to shred. As I cut it open, I couldn’t help but to observe the inner white veins.


I softened chopped onions, crushed garlic in a drizzle of olive oil. To that I added a pinch of salt and black pepper to taste; then shredded purple cabbage. I tossed and turned on low to medium heat and proceeded to add a splash of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and squeeze of honey. The vinegar and honey took it to another level.

In just a few minutes my sautéed purple cabbage was complete. Because it was brunch time, I served some with some pickled codfish.  Oh, that was a perfect pairing. The cabbage still had some crispness to it and taste so delicious.


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