Thank God for left-overs. You see, like most of us, I was strapped for precious time. There was no way I was going prepare a dish from scratch when I had more than enough on my ‘plate'(no pun intended).

For me, sometimes left-overs mean raiding the freezer and deciphering the dishes I foolishly didn’t take the time to label. You see, most times, I do try to label each container. It makes it easy to grab and go. I was in luck. It was quite easy to identify my red beans and rice. Tuck right behind in a Chinese delivery container was a few pieces of pork ribs. Hmmmm, I could already taste it. Without a doubt, I knew that the flavors would be even more absorbed in all that fall from the flesh rib.

Whoa! In no time all my main items were defrosted. Oh, micro-waves are so handy when time is against you. Below in the refrigerator, I grabbed hold of some left-over sauteed purple cabbage from a few days ago.  In no time, I devoured all that was on my plate. It was just what my stomach and palate needed.


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