I  was in quite a cheesy mood today and I didn’t mind. You see, I’ve never indulged in a cheese bread before. So, it was out sheer curiosity that I bought a loaf of this bread. It looked very appealing, a tad shiny and soft to the eyes from a few feet away. Just as I thought, on feeling same, it was soft and looked even more delicious.

Took home the specimen and couldn’t wait to partake. As a matter a fact, I started nibbling from one of the ends and it was super tasty and loaded with cheddar cheese. I had to pull myself away.  I grabbed me a couple of eggs and did a quick scramble in a hot skillet. I made sure to add a little chopped parsley, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

I slowly folded my eggs under low heat. That scramble egg needed no liquid in the form of water or milk. I like to have my eggs stand on their own. After my eggs were cooked with a soft finish,( hate rubbery eggs) I pulled skillet from the burner and added a little shredded cheddar cheese.

My cheesy plate was served with sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper along with nature’s butter (avocado). A cool cantaloupe drink completed my  cheesy and simple meal.

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