Guys, there’s good news and there’s not so favorable news. Because I wish to end on a good note, I think I’ll begin with the unfavorable one first. I hate sour grapes, so I prefer to start with same….just to get them out-of-the-way.

Arsenic in Californian wines

Recent studies by a lab called BeverageGrades and two other labs have revealed that certain inexpensive wines  bottled by California vineyards have tested for levels of arsenic.  The question is how harmful are these amounts?

You see, based on studies done by scientists, arsenic is an element that is found in the earth which often seeps into the soil. Many of our ground provisions, crops (including grapes), juices, and water have this element which is deemed safe. For instance, in the United States, there’s a standard for the level of arsenic in water but none for wines.

Now, should we be concerned about these findings? Yes, we should. Should we stop drinking our favorite inexpensive wines? Hell no!! I say everything in moderation. I don’t know, there’s always bad news about food supplies. In recent times, we’ve heard about arsenic in rice and apple juice. What next?

Unspillable (No spill) wine glasses

Yippee! And unto something to cheer about. First it was unstemmed wine glasses, now it’s unspillable (no spill) wine glasses. For those of us who like to sometime lie around and basically ‘chill’ with a glass of vino, finally, we can do so without making a spill of that merlot or Pinot Grigio.

Amazon. com carries a Sempli line. If you desire you can have a lead-free crystal type which is hand blown (two in a box). The cost is about $52.00. Be careful though, these precious items have to be hand washed.

You know something, I labor tirelessly for my ‘bucks’ and I’m in no hurry to garner any of these unspillable glasses. I’m still trying to get use to these stemless ones that I have. What will they think of next? I reckon I’ll wait until these ‘no spill’ catch on. I’m in no rush. But, I must commend these guys for a good effort. I’ll fetch a few when the prices plummet.

Gosh, what’s wrong with an elegant and sexy wine glass with stem?

No Hangover!!

The latest is that vino lovers are in for a treat very soon. You see, scientists from the University of Illinois are feverishly working on eliminating the ‘root of all evil’ when it comes to hangovers in wines. I understand that sulfates are the compounds that are naturally found in wines that produce the awful hangovers.

Now, that’s some good news to celebrate about. Salud!! https://www.inquistir

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