It’s the Easter/Passover week-end. Without a doubt, we’ll all be going a bit overboard when it comes to our culinary intakes. Many of us will be indulging with a few extra slices of roast, fried fish,potato pancakes, pies and cakes and more. I know that I’ll be doing same. But, I have a perfect plan to help ease the guilty feelings within.

Head for your refrigerator and grab some greens and a few other items.That’s what I did. In my standing blender (one of my perfect partners in the kitchen), I toss in a handful of kale. To that, I added four strawberries, fresh chopped ginger, a half of a ripe banana,the juice of an orange, and a half pint of water. With a few pulses, my smoothie was pureed to a perfect finish.

Kale and strawberry smoothie was just the way I like it. There was no added sugar because the banana,orange juice, and strawberries provided all the natural sweetener that my taste buds required. I was super happy knowing that all these ingredients gave me great vitamins, minerals antioxidants, fibers and a host of other nutrients. Moreover, it was smooth, tasty and refreshing.

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