We all watch it happens gradually before our eyes. We bring them home and place them on our counters, hoping to indulge in their sweet and potassium goodness whenever we desire. But,  slowly they become a science project. It’s the metamorphosis of our firm, yellow ripe bananas. By the way, the over-ripened ones are excellent in smoothies, pancakes and fritters.

You see, this transformation of ripe bananas often happens during the warmer months of the year (spring/summer). And, if you reside in South Florida, USA where I am, you know that although it’s spring on the calendar the temperatures are heading for the nineties today. And, that’s brutal for these ripe bananas.

However, there’s a way to lengthen the shelf life of these potassium-rich fruits. Once I spot a speckle or two, I immediately grab a zip lock bag or any plastic bag and place bananas within. Bag is placed in refrigerator where the cooling will stop the ripening process of bananas. It works A1 all the time. Yippee!!

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