The humidity on the outskirts reminds me that summer is at my back door. So, in anticipation of the lazy days of summer, I’ve prepared something heart-healthy for breakfast.Studies have shown that a diet that involves whole grains like oatmeal and flax seeds helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it aids in weight management. So, with that said, in a stock pot I added a few tablespoons of old-fashioned oatmeal along with a few raisins to some whole milk. A sprinkle of cinnamon was also added.

After oatmeal simmered on low to medium heat, I sweetened with a teaspoon of brown sugar. I topped my oatmeal with a generous sprinkle of powered flax seeds/cinnamon and garnished with fresh ripe bananas and slices of strawberries. The great thing about my warm cereal is that I didn’t have to add much sugar as the fresh fruits and raisins provided the extra sugar content.

Guys, I know that I’ll be satiated for sometime. I’m happy.

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