I hate when that happens. There I was feeling good (maybe, a little over the moon) about my find. Yes guys, I fetched yours truly (I thought at the time) a superb specimen, on sale, (well, that’s what they said) for  $1.50. I couldn’t complain. Though it was not ripe; I had fantastic hope. And, that’s the thing about wholesome produces from nature, sometimes I’m  lucky to obtain a perfect one and a few times I’m disappointed.

But, what can I say? As long as it’s coming from Mother Earth, I’m ecstatic. Anyway, back to my dear pineapple. Brought the beauty home and proudly placed it on my kitchen counter as I usually do with fruits. In less than a few days she started permeating my space. Hmmmm, I knew the time was at hand. She was ready to be utilized in my fashion. I couldn’t wait to peel her.

I’m not tooting my horn; but, I do think I’ve mastered peeling a pineapple. Within a few minutes, I was able to peel and discard of the skin from my golden goodness. By now, the juice was dripping on my cutting board. I couldn’t wait to taste the beautiful flesh. I was anxious. I could sense  my heart beating a tad faster. What the heck! This is just a pineapple.


And then, I snipped and placed it to my mouth. Guys, at first taste, I didn’t believe. I thought, “maybe, my taste buds were playing tricks on me.” So, I sampled once more. I was so disappointed. How could a perfectly good-looking specimen turn out to be such sour grape? Dejected, I placed my slices in a tupper ware in the refrigerator.

Two days later (today), I revisited my golden one. I still had hope. And so, I grabbed my cutting board once more and decided to make a virgin cocktail from a few slices of my pineapple. In addition to that I reached for root ginger and fresh Florida orange juice along with cold water.


After a quick chop of pineapple and ginger, I placed same in my standing blender along with water and orange juice. For me, there was no need for sugar or any sweetener because the orange juice provided natural sugar  for my cocktail. ‘Big-up’ to my standing blender, it yielded a smooth finish. Pineapple and ginger cocktail was garnished with fresh pineapple and ginger root.

Guys, I felt vindicated. My golden wonder came through for me. I was on cloud nine.I got more than my money’s worth.  Salud! By the way, I’ll be grilling the remainder of my pineapple slices. This action should bring out the natural sugar within. Yippee!!

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