As we enter the peak of the hurricane season and continue to watch Tropical storm Erika, I’ve decided to reblog a previous post I did on the onset of the season. I think it’s relevant then and moreso now.Be prepared.

“The merry month of May made its rapid exit, and in comes the month of June.  I can’t help but to ponder what lies ahead. I hate to be the bearer of bad news; however, its reality. Like it or not, but the hurricane season officially begins June through November. Needless to say, mother nature sometimes says otherwise. Thus, a hurricane can develop outside this period as long as the weather conditions are suitable for same.

For those who reside in the typical hurricane regions, this period can leave them anxious, stressed and fearful especially when it comes to securing necessary food supplies. But, there is no need to be stressed. With a little planning and preparation in advance, anxieties and fears can be abated. Waiting to shop for food and other supplies when a hurricane  strikes isn’t the way to go. It’s imperative that a list is prepared and the supplies are purchased in advance or as soon as possible.

Shopping early will enable you to secure competitive rates as the supplies will be plentiful. This move will enable you to shop with ease, calm and comfort. Do remember that perishables are not your aim in view. Some of the main non-perishable food supplies to secure are:


  • Water – for drinking, it is recommended that one gallon, per person, per day
  • Canned fish – sardines, tuna, salmon
  • Canned meats/poultry – corned beef, chicken
  • Canned beans – lima, red, black, garbanzo, etc.
  • Canned vegetables – carrot, green peas, corn, creamed corn, etc.
  • Canned soups
  • Peanut butter
  • Fruit preserves or jams
  • Crackers, bread, rolls,cakes,nuts, etc.
  • Dried milk
  • Dried cereal


  • Manual can opener – great for those cans that don’t have flip-up lids
  • Ice cooler – ice could be purchased and preserve so as to keep drinks and water cool for hours until power returns
  • Disposable utensils – plates, knives, forks, spoons, cups, etc.
  • Sanitary wipes and extra paper towels
  • Hot plate that uses small propane tank. This is excellent for heating water, soups or quick meals.
  • Charcoal or propane gas for outdoor grill – If you are lucky to have a backyard or outdoor grill, this is ‘king’ after a hurricane season.

How to cook and preserve foods:

Some of the ways to preserve and lengthen the shelf life of your foods during the hurricane season are:

  • Pickle vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, etc. This is done by using vinegar, salt, sugar, and spices. Pickled foods can survive without refrigeration for a certain time period. Place in bottles and other containers.
  • If you have fish in the freezer before the hurricane strikes,  try making  a Jamaican escoveitched fish dish. This can remain on the counter for days without refrigeration.  This involves frying fish and making a pickle consisting of root veggies, spices, vinegar, seasonings, etc. and spreading generously over fish.

Before Storm arrives and day of storm:

  • Turn down the thermostat in fridge to the lowest
  • Make extra ice by emptying trays/containers into plastic bags and make room for setting more.
  • Fill up all available containers like pots, pans, etc for drinking,  prepping, washing and cooking of foods.
  • When electric power shuts off, avoid opening the fridge unless needed.

Without a doubt, before, during and after a hurricane, it can leave one frazzled and stressed when it comes to prepping and planning for food supplies. However, with the above tips and others, one can be reassured that there will be enough to keep you satiated throughout the season.

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