When the days become long  and the temperatures sizzle on the outskirts, I want quick, easy and delicious. So, it was that in mind that I fired up my indoor pan grill and went to work on a seafood favorite of mind. Shrimp was marinated with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, black pepper, sprinkle of paprika, and crushed garlic.

I also made sure to do a quick blanch of my asparagus by boiling for approximately three to four minutes in salty water. Then, these were shocked in an icy bath to cease the cooking process. After drying with paper towel, they were brushed with olive oil and placed on grill along with sweet yellow onions cut in a circular shape. I made sure to season onions with pinch of salt and black pepper.

Close to the ending of the grilling process of the veggies, each shrimp was placed on grill after removing any remnants of garlic. Each shrimp was grilled for approximately two minutes on each side then brushed with a citrus and honey sauce. These were served on a bed of herb and citrus whole grain rice.

Shrimp dish was full of amazing flavors that provided a slightly sweet and of course tart taste to the dish. The asparagus and onions were cooked to perfection but still possessed a crispiness to each bite. The nutty and flavorful whole grain rice completed the dish because it also had a fresh herb(parsley) and citrus taste to the meal.

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