I had a rather long day. And although it would have been just perfect to order delivery or eat out, I decided on neither. I just wanted to return to my nest and unwind. That meant unwinding with a sip of cocktail. Had a little left-over pinot noir on hand. And I put on a little soft rock and went to work in my kitchenette. It’s amazing what a few cloves of garlic,  vine-ripe tomatoes and citrus can do to you.


It was a simple, quick yet delicious and hearty meal. In less than thirty seconds I was able to whip up a grilled paprika and citrus shrimp over a bed of linguine pasta. I made sure to season shrimp with a sprinkle of salt, black pepper, paprika and crushed garlic. After removing garlic, shrimp was drizzled with olive oil and placed on grill pan for approximately two minutes on each side. Shrimp was then removed from burner and a combination of  freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice was added.

Whole wheat linguine pasta was cooked al dente style. I made sure to season pasta water generously as that was the ideal time to flavor pasta. Pasta was drained and a little water was reserved for an addition so to stretch the sauce. It was important that I had a firm pasta in order that I could finish the cooking process in the sauce.

In a hot skillet, under low to medium heat, olive oil was drizzled and roughly chopped onions were sautéed. Then chopped vine-ripe tomatoes were added along with crushed garlic. In order to expel the all the flavors and juices, a sprinkle of salt and black pepper were added along with a squeeze of lemon and lime.  Also, fresh thyme was added. Pasta along with reserve water were then tossed in and all ingredients were folded for a perfect finish.

Paprika and citrus shrimp was served over linguine pasta along with a garnish of fresh lemon/lime slices and parsley. Guys, I was super-happy as I puckered up to my citrusy dish. Now, if I could only find something to watch other than the re-runs.

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