I love the taste of mango in a refreshing summer cocktail. It’s bold and upfront and center within a drink. And, it doesn’t take a huge amount to flavor a particular drink. A few pieces go a long way. The smooth and sweet characteristics make it perfect for an exotic drink on a sizzling day.

And so, this afternoon, my palate was in for a refreshing surprise of this amazing cocktail. I didn’t need to input any sweetener or sugar as my fruits provided the natural sugars. My blender was more than ready for a  few wedges of watermelon, the juice of an orange, chopped ginger root, water and of course pieces of mango.

With a few pulses of my standing blender I was greeted with a virtuous drink of mango cocktail. As you can observe, the mango overpowered the other juicy and tasty fruits with its golden appearance. And the taste was just as bold. The warm, sweet and ripe aromas were evident in my space. Just as I expected; the drink acquired the thick consistency I was looking for.



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