Guys, we first eat with our eyes. And, now that summer is here full throttle, what better way to quench that summer thirst than with refreshing watermelon. They are plenty on the market and are quite inexpensive. Nothing is wrong in playing with your food. Make it convenient and easy to pick up by cutting in shapes and placing them on skewers.

I did; and they made me coming back for more. You and your loved ones will do the same. One great way to make your skewers more refreshing is to squeeze a little fresh lemon or lime on same. Better yet, if you wish to be ‘frisky’ and ‘over the moon’, you could soak them in any of your favorite alcohol like vodka, rum or tequila and have your liquor on a stick. Now, don’t over do it. All you need is a hint. Cheers!

P.S. Make sure to wash the skin on the melon before cutting. Happy summer!!

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