I’m in blueberry heaven! Finally, the price of blueberries is at a reasonable low (well, could be lower), but, I’ll take it and run. You see, a few months ago, these super, tiny blue/black specimens were more than double the present price. They are available year round; however, thanks to the seemingly glut on the market here in South Florida, prices are competitive. Reports are that there’s a bumper crop this year.

I was ‘over the moon’ with my fine. It was a “BOGO”(buy one, get one) free in my neck of the woods. For $4.00, I was able to get two containers. Generally, I would have to dole out more dollars for a similar container.

In the scientific community, blueberries are considered part of the ‘super’ foods category due to the presence of flavonoids. As a result, they are said to have anticancer properties and will protect again free-radical damage within the body. I’m no scientist, but, I can attest that these berries are beneficial to my digestive system due to the high fiber content.

Therefore, while the going is good, I like to take advantage of their goodness by buying extra. I make sure to freeze and reserve for ‘rainy’ days when they are not in abundance and prices sky-rocket.

In my culinary mind, I see:

I’m super-happy!



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