Trying my utmost best to do it right. After I kicked it up on the outskirts, I ventured to my humble kitchen and whipped up a refreshing morning cocktail. As usual, my handy and reliable standing blender was patiently waiting for your truly. I had a little work for it.

I grabbed me some frozen berries in the form of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and added them to blender. I also input a half of a ripe banana which I also had in the freezer. Whenever my ripe bananas become a little mushy and over-ripened I chop same and store in freezer.

With a splash of water and a piece of watermelon, I  pulsed and pureed my morning cocktail to sweet and fiber-filled finish. I poured into margarita glass and topped with a few blueberries. Just I had expected, it was thick (not overly), smooth and full of natural sugars from all the fruits. I was super-happy.


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