I admit; I have been quite a naughty girl over the week-end. Yes, I fell off the ‘wagon’ as I sometimes do. I indulged in some calorie-laden, mouth-watering type of goodies. Oh, they were sinfully delicious. After all, I’m human and what’s life without a little salty, sweet and fried delights? Thinking about them sets my palate on overdrive. Oh, I’ve to control myself!

Thank goodness I have redemption. I have options. I do try to be a person of balance. So, after I gave a dear heart a jolt of morning activity, I grabbed my faithful blender. I added kiwis (2), a handful of kale and a chopped star fruit with a splash of water and lime juice and pulsed my way to a smooth tropical finish.

My fiber-rich and vitamin-laden fruits brought the natural sugars to my shots of smoothie. I know that my digestive system will be ecstatic for the rest of the day.

Guys, there’s always room for redemption. Bottoms up!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. annie lee says:

    star fruit will definitely add that zest!

    1. bblake10 says:

      It sure can! Annie, thanks for stopping by. Do have an awesome day.

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