It’s not often that I pair these food items. However, my palate was in a strange mood; so I rolled with the ‘punches’. Moreover, I just wanted to use up some left-over sautéed cabbage and kale I had cooked a couple of days ago. There was no way I was going toss. After all, that would be hard-earned money down the drain.

Like always, I often cook a little extra. My dear mom used to say, “cook an extra dumpling”. And so, I did (well, not dumpling, but cabbage and kale in this case). I was in a chopping mood; thus, I allowed my knife to do the talking. And talked it did and produced extra cabbage on my cutting board.

In a hot skillet, a drizzle of olive oil was placed. Finely finely chopped onions were softened and a clove of crushed garlic added. I made sure to season along with a pinch of salt and black pepper to taste. Cabbage and kale were added to mix and quickly wilted down. Close to the end of cooking time, a mixture of honey was combined along with red wine vinegar. This was then tossed over warm veggie platter.

To top it off, I paired same with hard-boiled eggs. I haven’t eaten hard-boiled eggs for quite sometime. I love the way they keep me satiated for an extended time. They provide such a powerhouse of protein in the diet. Therefore, sometimes, I like to boil same and grab and go and sometimes chop and add to salads.

Eggs were placed in a stock pot with enough tap water to cover same. These were brought to a boil under medium heat for three minutes. Then, they were covered with lid for another ten minutes. Water was then drained and eggs were run under cold tap water and peeled and sliced. With a sprinkle of black pepper and finely chopped parsley, dish was ready to be devoured.

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