In Jamaica, there’s an old adage that says, “Patient man rides donkey.” And, as I prepped and cooked my braised Heineken oxtails, I knew for sure that the whole process entailed precious time. I had some to spare; so I was perfectly happy to execute this Jamaican dish with my twist.

Typically,  beer is not part of the braising liquid; however, I wanted to put a somewhat different spin on the dish. And I did so by adding a half bottle of Heineken beer. This gave additional robust flavors that didn’t rob the dish of its traditional taste.

Oxtails were braised (stove-top) for approximately 3 hours under low to medium heat until fork-tender. Approximately 15 minutes before completion, bow-tie dumplings (spinners) were added. And close to the ending of dish lima beans (butter) were added.

I rode my donkey alright. The final dish was succulent. Just as I desired, the oxtail pieces were tender and delicious. The beer greatly enhanced the thick brown sauce and meat to another level.


    • bblake10

      Hi Andrew, thanks for stopping by. Every once in a while, buying and cooking your own is worth it. A dish as this is perfect during these cool autumn days.And the left-overs are even more succulent. However, make sure that you have a sometime on your hand (preferably, w/end).

      If you do, do share.

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